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Conceal & Carry Class Reservations are a must due to high demand.Remember discounts apply to teachers, military, realtors and town employees.


Remember regardless of gun, always break-in with 200-300 rounds of target ammo before
using self-defense rounds.
Target ammo - solid or round nose
Self-defense - hollow point

Also - remember when you buy a gun, please keep the box and paperwork it came with. In order to get the most value for a trade-in at a later date, having the original box and paperwork may get you the best value possible.

All of our guns come with a
Customer Service Guarantee.
After the purchase of one of our guns you are welcome to bring your gun into our shop for a step-by-step instruction on cleaning and "breaking down" your gun and putting it back together again - until you are completely comfortable doing this on your own.
Don't be afraid to ask questions!!!!
We want you to be comfortable and confident with the gun you purchase!

Guns can ONLY be sent to a registered FFL. A transfer fee may apply. A private person can ship a firearm but it must be received by an FFL.

* transfer items left over 90 days are considered abandoned
* Active military out of area with proof (during the 90 day period) are exempt with proof and contact by telephone.

  In North Carolina you must be 21 to purchase a pistol and have a
NC purchase permit or
a NC Conceal and Carry Permit

To purchase a long gun (rifle or shotgun) from a gun shop you must be 18 years of age or older with a photo ID

From Out of State? You can purchase a gun and have it shipped to your local FFL to pick up back home.
Easy to do!


Gun Show Rules

Remember to unload all weapons and make sure they are clear of ammo before entering building

Purchasing a firearm from a gun dealer in North Carolina requires a 4473 Form and the proper identification and paperwork.

Buying from an individual in North Carolina is legal as long as the buyer produces the correct paperwork which may include a copy of a valid NC Purchase Permit or NC Conceal & Carry and a valid photo ID.

Always ask questions before the purchase and make sure you get a receipt.

All Gun Sales are Final

Don't be afraid to ask questions, salespeople are there to help.

Never allow ammo to be loaded into a firearm while at the gun show.

Keep an eye on children, guns are not toys and should not be handled unless the person is able to purchase a firearm.

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